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Frequently Asked Junk Removal Questions

Paint & Tires

Do you take tires?

Yes. Expect a small disposal fee.

Do you take paint?

Yes. Due to EPA restrictions, wet paint has a special procedure to dispose. So, we pass the cost along to you.

How can I dry out my wet paint containers?

Drying out paint is a good choice. Apply anything that will absorb the moisture and make it dry. Here is a short list: dirt, sand, cement powder, Krud Kutter®, and paint hardener from home improment stores.


Do you accept donations?

Donation pickup is available from 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday. At this time, we are not accepting furniture. Please be aware that donations are not tax deductible.



How much does it cost to remove junk?

Our prices are based on the amount you have to be hauled off. Although our vehicles can hold six times the size of what a pickup truck holds, this increment of measurement is used to determine how much. For example, if your items take up the space of one pickup truck, it costs $125, 1.5 is $187, two pick up trucks cost $250 and so on. All prices include what I have to pay the landfill. Other price influencers are wet paint, tires, trees and bushes (inert), extra heavy items, and additional time and degrees of effort to load our vehicles.

How do I schedule a pickup?

Sceduling a junk pickup is easy. Simply select the time that's best for you by clicking here.

How may I get a discount on your junk removal service?

Junk removal service discounts. Deals and discounts are available when you agree to post a review of your experience Nextdoor.com.

Another way to get a great deal is to bring all items to a garage or curbside.

The best junk removal deals of all happen when you help load your unwanted items into our vehicles.

Seniors, disabled veterans, and first responders also get a discount.

Each deal or discount is considered on a case-by-case basis.

How much does your company charge for eviction junk-out service?

Our junk out service ranges from $250 to $850. A deposit of $85 per person will be necessary.

Jacuzzi Removal

How much does it cost to remove junk?

Jacuzzi removal, hot tub removal has many components to determine the final price. Here is our list: Size of jacuzzi or hot tub is usually measured in the same way it is described. For example, if you were going to purchase a hot tub, you will consider how many people may fit at a single time, i.e., 4-person, 5-person, 6-person and so on... Other considerations will include the disconnection of the water supply and electrical. Safety is a priority! More areas of consideration: 1) disassemble and remove the hot tub foundation, 2) detach from structure, 3) degree of effort and time to place in our vehicles (enclosure, sets of stairs, pathway clearance, etc.) Schedule your quote here.

Yard Waste

Do you pick up leaves, limbs, and other yard debris?

Yes, we do. We will remove them where they sit. You won't have to lift a finger.

Dumpster Rental

Do you rent full size dumpsters?

At this time, we only have mini-dumpsters. Call with questions, (404) 819-8081.

What the smallest size dumpsters do you rent?

Our smallest dumpster is the size of two pickup trucks.

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Eviction Services

I have an eviction coming up. How much advance notice do I need?

Evictions usually have a requirment of junkers onsite. We have the ability to apply 17 people on a single eviction. Please give as much advance notice as can be.

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