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Frequently Asked Questions

(404) 819-8081

  • How much does it cost to remove junk?
    Our prices are based on the amount you have to be hauled off. Although our vehicles can hold six times the size of what a pickup truck holds, this increment of measurement is used to determine how much. For example, if your items take up the space of one pickup truck, it costs $125, 1.5 is $187, two pick up trucks cost $250 and so on. All prices include landfill fees. Other price influencers are wet paint, tires, trees and bushes (inert), extra heavy items, refrigerants, and additional time and degrees of effort to load our vehicles.
  • How do I schedule a pickup?
    Sceduling a junk pickup is easy. Simply select the time that's best for you by clicking here. Choose the option of Quote Only when you are uncertain.
  • How may I get a discount on your junk removal service?
    Junk removal service discounts. Seniors, disabled veterans, first responders, veterans, small jobs, and educators also get a discount. Deals and discounts are available when you agree to post a fresh conversation about your experience on Eviction services discounts are not offered at this time.
  • How much does your company charge for eviction junk-out service?
    $850 includes 3 Experienced Junkers* $75 for each additional Experienced Junker *Service is to the curb or 40 feet outside the footprint of dwelling. Extreme situations will influence the final cost.
  • Any discounts for your junk removal services?
    You may receive a junk removal discount military veterans, educators, first responders, senior citizens, small loads, and repeat customers.
  • Senior Citizen?
    You've done well. You carried the economy and passed your wisdom. Here's a 10% off thank you!
  • Military Veteran?
    Here's 10% off and thank you for your service. Just let us know after the junk removal service is performed.
  • Educator?
    Your preparation, love and attention is what you have offered those under your tutelage. Thank you for what you do. Here's a 10% discount!
  • First Responder?
    Your fearless effort to respond, assess, and apply your rescue skills has not gone unnoticed. Here is your 10% off for junk removal.
  • Small Job Discount?
    Our price list begins at $125 per pickup truck load. Over the past 4 years, many junk removal jobs are next to nothing. For this reason, you just name your price and we will dispose of it.
  • Repeat Customer?
    Welcome back!! Automatically, you receive your 10% discount. AND, as of October 2022, you can combine one other discount and receive our BIG THANK YOU!!
  • May I combine junk removal discounts?
    Yes. This is a limited offer to Repeat Customers.
  • Eviction Services Discounts?
    At this time we are not offering discounts for any sort of eviction services.
  • Do you pick up leaves, limbs, and other yard debris?"
    Yes, we do. We will remove them where they sit. You won't have to lift a finger.
  • Tree Removal?
    Yes, we remove trees. However, the trees must already be fallen and on the ground. We cut up limbs, branches, and even the biggest of trunks.
  • Do you take tires?
    Yes. Expect a small disposal fee.
  • Do you take paint?
    Yes. Due to EPA restrictions, wet paint has a special disposal procedure with an additional fee per container. So, we pass the cost along to you.
  • How can I dry out my wet paint containers?
    Drying out paint is a good choice. Apply anything that will absorb the moisture and make it dry. Here is a short list: dirt, sand, cement powder, Krud Kutter®, and paint hardener from home improvement stores. Once the paint is dry, it's considered regular household junk (no additional cost!).
  • Electronic Waste Disposal
    Old computers, TVs, laptops, monitors, printers, headphones, and speakers are just some of the items we pick up for junk removal. According to Yale's sustainability article, E-waste is the fastest-growing solid-waste stream in the world, but less than 25% of all electronic waste is recycled in the United States; the rest is incinerated or goes to landfills. Electronics are made up of valuable materials, such as metals, glass, and plastics—all of which take energy to mine and manufacture. Click here for the complete article on Electronic Waste Disposal.
  • How much does it cost to remove a jacuzzi?
    Jacuzzi removal, hot tub removal has many components to determine the final price. Here is our list: Size of jacuzzi or hot tub is usually measured in the same way it is described. For example, if you were going to purchase a hot tub, you will consider how many people may fit at a single time, i.e., 4-person, 5-person, 6-person and so on... Other considerations will include the disconnection of the water supply and electrical. Safety is a priority! More areas of consideration: 1) foundation disassembly and removal, 2) detach from structure, 3) degree of effort and time to place in our vehicles (enclosure, sets of stairs, pathway clearance, etc.) Schedule your final quote here.
  • I have an eviction coming up. How much advance notice do I need?
    Evictions usually have a quantity requirement of junkers onsite. Some municipalities require a quantity of two junkers per bedroom. We have the ability to apply up to 17 people on a single eviction. Please give as much advance notice as you can. Schedule our Experienced Junkers here.
  • Why is a 20% deposit necessary?
    This is our commitment to you as you commit to our service. For your area, we block off any new jobs at that time. You will have our undivided attention. The deposit is simply a partial payment towards the final price of the eviction service.
  • Do you accept donations?
    Donation services are expected to begin in 2023. The pickup times available from 9am to 2pm Monday through Thursday. At this time, donations are not tax deductible.
  • Do you rent dumpsters?
    Call for dumpster pricing at (404) 819-8081.
  • Credit Card Payment
    All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Note that our Junkers never handle your card nor your number. It is your responsibility to enter payment information.
  • Financing?
    Financing (soft inquiry) junk removal jobs is an options. After our Experienced Junkers give the final quote, you initiate the application from the invoice or link sent by us.
  • Invoicing with net terms
    Our economy is in a state of flux. As a standard, we do not offer net terms for billing. If payment is not possible at service completion, special payment arrangements must be agreed upon prior to providing junk removal services.
  • Where may I post a review?
    Atlanta Has Junk on Google
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